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Design Projects and Policies

New York State DOT's Roundabouts First Policy - See Section 5.9 of the Design Manual NYSDOT Design Manual Chapter 5

NYSDOT's Roundabout First Policy: When a project includes reconstructing or constructing new intersections, a roundabout alternative is to be analyzed to determine if it is a feasible solution based on site constraints, including ROW, environmental factors, and other design constraints.

Exceptions to this requirement are where the intersection:

  • Has no current or anticipated safety, capacity, or other operational problems.
  • Is within a well working coordinated signal system in a low-speed (<80 km/h) urban environment with acceptable accident histories.
  • Is where signals will be installed solely for emergency vehicle preemption.
  • Has steep terrain that makes providing an area, graded at 5% or less for the circulating roadways, infeasible.
  • Has been deemed unsuitable for a roundabout by the Roundabout Design Unit.

When the analysis shows that a roundabout is a feasible alternative, it should be considered the Department’s preferred alternative due to the proven substantial safety benefits and other operational benefits.

2008 TRB Roundabout Conference

Davidson Town, NC
Two 2-Lane Roundabouts in Davidson are Placemaking Features in Mixed Use Development

Nampa, ID
Design for Single-Lane to Dual-Lane Roundabout Expandability 

Palmdale, CA
More Single-Lane to Dual-Lane Roundabout Expandability 

NE Roundabouts
Roundabout Training Modules to help you with your designs

Sedona, AZ
9 Roundabouts in Sedona on Scenic Route 179 

TRB 2006 Access Management Conference
Roundabouts and Access Management: Park City, University of Utah, West Jordan City 

Roundabout Myths 

APA Planning Newsletter
Common Misperceptions about Modern Roundabouts 

Kennecott Land
Utah's Arterial Roundabouts - DayBreak Master Planned Community 

APA Article by Peter Calthorpe
The Urban Network - Local arterials are multi-lane facilities that transition into a couplet of "main streets" at the village centers. Roundabouts are placed at one-mile intervals, supplemented by infrequent right-in, right out curb cuts. The roundabout is particularly important to this system, as its average intersection delay is up to half that of a typical signalized arterial intersection

Roundabouts: Cities Without Traffic Signals
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published this account of cities that recommend Roundabouts in the United States.

Roundabouts or Stop Signs?
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety published this account of public surveys regarding acceptance by the public of Roundabouts in the United States.

Roundabouts Reduce Crashes
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety released "Crash Reductions Following Installation of Roundabouts in the United States." The study evaluated changes in motor-vehicle crashes following conversion of 24 intersections from stop sign and traffic signal control to modern roundabouts. The settings, located in 8 states, were a mix of urban, suburban and rural environments.

Roundabouts Video and Other Information from IIHS in the USA
The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety has prepared a video and other information about Roundabouts.

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety
Roundabout Questions and Answers

New Zealand Roads
NEW ZEALAND: Guidelines for Striping Multi-lane Roundabouts 

The Sierra Sun
Two New 2-Lane Roundabouts on I-80 Interchange 

Good and Bad Roundabout Junctions in the UK
Interesting Website with Aerials and Diagrams, Submitted by Andrew S.

TRB Roundabout Conference May 2008
Recent TRB Roundabout Presentations and Papers 

TRB Roundabout Conference June 2006
Recent TRB Roundabout Presentations and Papers 

Golden, Colorado
Roundabouts are Good for Business Along Existing Arterial 

SensGirotoire Artwork in French Roundabouts - Click on Les Photos. 

Project Web Site and PPT Presentation
New Roundabout in Downtown Asheville, NC 

Clearwater Beach Roundabout News
Put Fear of Circles Aside and Enjoy the Beach! 

Lacey City Roundabout Website
Lacey Washington 2-Lane Roundabouts

Deseret News
Utah Roundabouts: New Since 1996

Modern Roundabouts - When to use Them: A Comparison with Traffic Signals.

Pedestrian Signals at Roundabouts-January 2004 TRB Presentation

Photos of the new light-rail roundabout in Salt Lake City and the University of Utah Trax Extension

Clearwater Design Changes May 2000 Report by: Barry Crown
Clearwater Roundabout Crashes Reduced by 99.6% after Minor Design Changes 

The Kiwi Road Code
While driving in New Zealand with a Kiwi friend I learned how to use my turn signals at roundabouts 

Pedestrian Signals at Sydney's Homebush Bay Roundabout
Slide Show by Bill Baranowski

Signing and Striping at Multi-lane Roundabouts
Article by Christopher S. Kinzel

Roundabout vs. Traffic Signal Comparison in Nashua, NH

Roundabout Interchanges New FHWA Article by Joe Bared

ITE Paper pdf file
Pedestrian Safety at Roundabouts: Design and Accident History in Australia, France, and Britain

Summary of Literature Search
Fun with Pedestrian Signals at Roundabouts: Literature Search 

Santa Monica, CA Roundabout SIM.

Roundabout Driving SIM in Sammamish, WA.

University TRAX
University of Utah Trax extension including new roundabout - ITE Paper pdf file. 

Clearwater Beach, Florida
240' ICD, photos Spring Break-March 2003). Accidents have been reduced dramatically. See Article

USA Highway Safety Statistics
FHWA Safety Website

Roundabouts Near Elementary Schools
Study of 2 Existing Roundabouts in Howard, WI @Elementary, Middle and High School.

Roundabouts in General
Old FHWA Article by Leif Ourston and Joe Bared

Roundabout Road Rules
Note traffic flows on the left side. in New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).

Multi-lane Roundabouts
Video of two-lane roundabouts in Lacey, Washington

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